Why 365?

January 1, 2010

New year, new camera, new goals, new challenges.  I have several goals in taking on this project…to improve my photography skills, to journal the day to day events and to force myself to write something, no matter how mundane it may be.  I will guarantee that I will take a picture EVERY day, but I can’t guaratee that I will post them every day…we’ll see though.  I’m pretty excited about this.  I hope it is enjoyable for the rest of you!


3 Responses to “Why 365?”

  1. Pat said

    Very enjoyable for the rest of us,,,,will follow everyday!

  2. Elizabeth said

    Hey Sarah,

    I think this is such a wonderful idea! Did you get it from Julie and Julia? You are such an amazing photographer and have such beautiful subjects:)


  3. sarahxb said

    Thanks! Apparently, it’s a popular challenge (lots of groups on flickr) and I heard about it from my friend Sarah and ran with it. It’s more challenging than I expected, but it is also a great way to journal the year.

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