January 6, 2010

These two are a funny little pair.  And definitely my most difficult subjects.  They are generally uncooperative in our everyday life and as such, not the easiest to photograph.  But they are quite entertaining when interacting with each other…here they are in the midst of a staring contest.  Gracie feigning indifference, Sausage at the ready…because he knows that Gracie may start a chase at the drop of a hat.    Sausage does know his place, but the boy has spunk and will let Gracie know when she’s been a real bitch…like the other night when Sausage was happily gnawing on his bone and she pounced on him and snatched it right from his mouth…she didn’t even want the bone she just walked it over to the other side of the room and left it there.  Sausage really let her have it though…his yap (when directed at her) is always with purpose and emotion.  Really, quite a pair.


One Response to “6/365”

  1. Sarah said

    This is too funny. You are a great writer as well!

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