January 23, 2010

I know what you’re thinking…Awful House?? Really??  But, come on, you know you love it. And as our self-proclaimed redneck of a waitress stated, “It don’t matter what they say about us, you know what you’re gonna get every time”.  And it’s true.  You’re going to get a helluva good pecan waffle, southern rock on the jukebox, and a friendly redneck waitress who chats you up and throws “sweetheart” around like she really means it.  And guess what?  You’re not going to get your lungs full of smoke (at least not in our neck of the woods)…they’ve gone smoke-free!!


2 Responses to “23/365”

  1. Granny said

    I’m movin south, back to the land of Awful House!

  2. POPPY said

    U gots to be kiddin me…in memphis thay call yall honey like they mean it! Cheese eggs, grits, and raisin toast by the way

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