January 24, 2010

Every time I walk through Target, this photo of Audrey Hepburn grabs my eye and it always reminds me of Brook. So I thought it would be fun for the girls to get dolled up and we would play around…this was take 2.  Take 1 ended in tears because Brookie wasn’t feeling well (she’s fine now)…so take 2 was a quick shoot, but it’s a real smile, so I’m happy.  Maybe I’ll try it again some time this year with some more fine tuning (minus the cigarette).


7 Responses to “24/365”

  1. POPPY said

    Me and PuPu are listening to Joyce Breach, circa 1957,” Look At Him” on satellite radio between football games while we look at her reincarnation here…scary timing…

  2. POPPY said

    I hope double comments are allowed, because I was just showing Pu Pu the pictures, and explaining what it’s all about,…and I got to the Brook picture as Judy Garland came on and she had her head cocked at the same angle…and I better stop with the White Russkies…woo hoo!

  3. POPPY said

    I know I’m her Granny, but “Oh My God”. BEAUTIFUL! Good photographer, too.

  4. Sarah said


  5. Beh Beh said

    Luke better get the guns warm …

  6. Beh Beh said

    WOW! I absolutely love this! So absolutely beautiful and you are an amazingly creative woman, Sissy! Brook is gorgeous and you can see her sweetness in her smile! xoxo

  7. Lainy said

    I love this picture! Hard to imagine that Take 1 could have been a disaster after viewing this. Is there any way that your blog can send reminders via email to check it out daily? I am enjoying it so much. Thanks for sharing.

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