February 3, 2010

I love to create things with fabric, and I love to sew…as long as I don’t have to follow a pattern. For me personally, a pattern takes all the enjoyment out of sewing, makes it seem more like an assignment, rather than something that I want to do. I much prefer to figure it out on my own. Not really sure what that says about me. Of course, most of the things I sew are pretty simple and my seams aren’t very pretty. ..but whatevs, I enjoy it and that is what matters, right?


2 Responses to “34/365”

  1. Beh Beh said

    So whatcha makin’??

  2. sarahxb said

    Don’t you recognize the folded thingies in the front? I added some scented oil to the rice (peppermint) and they smell awesome…great for a chest cold or to clear the nasal passages!

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