February 5, 2010

We’ve got a sick girl on our hands…not sure what is wrong.  Hopefully she doesn’t get any worse tonight and we can take her to the vet in the morning.  Poor girl.


7 Responses to “36/365”

  1. Granny said

    aw my poor little Gracie.

  2. Beh Beh said

    oh no! what’s wrong with gracie???

  3. sarahxb said

    Not sure…stuff is coming out both ends. Including some blood. The doc told me to withhold food and see if it worked its way through. She was shaking and just really off last night. Sausage was having the same issues, minus the blood, but his behavior aside from the barf & poo was normal and he seems much better. I was up 5 times last night between 11 and 2:30 with the dogs…man, I don’t miss those newborn nights!! Gracie hasn’t been out since about 6 (longest stretch) so maybe she is feeling better. We’ll see I guess.

  4. Beh Beh said

    awww poor gracie AND saucy!! hope they feel better soon!!

  5. Lainy said

    I hope they are both better soon. I wonder if they got into something? Maybe pancreatitis which is what my dog had after getting into something.

  6. Sarah said

    Thinking about Gracie…hope she is feeling better!

  7. sarahxb said

    She’s spending the rest of the weekend in the doggie hospital, hooked up to an iv getting fluids for dehydration and meds for suspected gastroenteritis. She’s having a full blood panel to rule out other causes. Sausage just got some probiotics to clear his tummy issues…hopefully those will work.

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