March 17, 2010

Today marks 1 month since we lost Jim. It still doesn’t seem real at times. I miss the simple fact that I can’t make a phone call and talk with him. But the memories are always with me…and I can close my eyes and see his smile and hear his words. The tears still come easily and at times furiously, something I’m sure only time will remedy. And the depth and breadth of Jim’s loss is still difficult to grasp, the grief difficult to navigate.  But Jim himself is how I find the most comfort. This plaque has hung on Jim’s wall for years and years, he bought it while on a trip to Colorado a few years after his accident, and it was only this past October that I truly grasped the simple words that I have read numerous times.  Jim lived his life with gratitude, never angry about the hand he had been dealt in life and always embracing each day as a beautiful one. His time on earth was cut too short, but he loved life and he truly lived it. This plaque now hangs in my house and I think of Jim every time I look at it and I realize all over again what a special blessing he was in my life.


3 Responses to “76/365”

  1. Ali C said

    (((Sarah))) You and your family continue to be in my prayers.

  2. poppy said

    Fist Bump…

  3. Uncle Bull said

    I love you and Jimmy very much.

    Always have

    Always will.

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