112/365 Happy Earth Day!

April 22, 2010

Fragile.  Handle with care.


7 Responses to “112/365 Happy Earth Day!”

  1. That’s a wonderful post for Earth day. Nice!

  2. Sarah said

    love it!

    • Sarah said

      actually, may need to get more details on this one if that is not being too nosy! now that I take a closer look, it is really spectacular!

      • sarahxb said

        Not nosy at all! I took the photo of Kenzie holding a ball, layered the earth photo over where the ball was, then added a copy of the original photo on top and erased the ball to uncover the earth. Tedious work with the eraser tool…is this where layer masks come in handy? I can’t get layer masks to work with my version of PSE…I have an ANCIENT version!

  3. Beh Beh said


  4. Sarah said


    Yes…get the free mask here (I think it should work on your version?): http://www.cavesofice.org/~grant/Challenge/Tools/HowtTo.html

    It will change your life! 🙂

  5. sarahxb said

    I can’t add any tools/actions/masks to my pse…I honestly think I have version 1.0! I’ll probably upgrade sometime soon! My pse doesn’t look anything like all the screen shots I see in tutorials.

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