May 9, 2010


11 Responses to “129/365”

  1. Oma said

    Is this titled “mommy and me?”

  2. sarahxb said

    Or, “The Joy of being Mommy”…look at her smile, how lucky am I!

  3. Jennifer said

    Love this, Sarah! A treasure!

  4. Nice timely capture of mother/daughter moment. I like the monochrome effect on this.

  5. Beh Beh said

    Beautiful!! You are super lucky to have such amazing daughters! The whole way home on Sat, Damien and I talked about how much we LOVE them and how CUTE they both are.

  6. Ali C said

    This is such a great shot! You should enter it in the I Heart Faces challenge this week!

  7. Elyssa said

    This is such a beautiful shot. Such a precious moment captured 🙂

  8. Hayley said

    What a magical moment. Beautiful capture.

  9. sharon said

    so special – they are sharing sweet secrets:) the vignette makes it even more intimate

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