132/365 more birds

May 12, 2010

These are baby cardinals.  They are very loud when they are hungry and pretty cute in a creepy, bird kind of way. I risked life, limb and camera getting this shot.


6 Responses to “132/365 more birds”

  1. Sarah said

    Are those the ones that made the nest in your garage?

    • sarahxb said

      No, the mama bird is still sitting on those. She hasn’t left them much lately, so they’ve got to be hatching soon (I hope, the nature center said 2 weeks incubation, it’s been longer than that). This nest is nestled in the trumpet honeysuckle on the outer part of the deck.

    • sarahxb said

      Update: 4 baby Carolina Wrens just hatched…super tiny and cute (again, in that creepy bird way).

  2. What’s that green thing in the foreground?

    • sarahxb said

      Those are leaves, I had to use my telephoto lens while leaning waaaay over the railing (luckily my kids weren’t around, wouldn’t want them copying mama!).

  3. Granny Lolly said

    Sarrrrahhhh. Bad girl..good picture.

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