July 23, 2010

Another shot of a praying mantis…I am so fascinated by these little creatures, I can’t help myself.  This one lives in my little flower bed in front of the house, he’s not doing his job though, my cosmos are covered in aphids.  As a matter of fact he is eating the insects I don’t want him to eat.  The other day as I was watching him, a bumble bee happened by and this dude snatched him and chewed off one of the bb’s wings before it escaped and hobbled off to die.  Ferocious,  but fascinating.


3 Responses to “204/365”

  1. Sarah said

    Awesome focus, great DOF and I love the colors! Again, curious as to what lens you used?? I feel like the 50mm wouldn’t get you this close?

    • sarahxb said

      Again, I used my 55-200…I’ve been so lazy about using the 50mm for everything so I’m trying to branch out a bit. I got this without a tripod (I think I used my knee), and I was happy with it because I do not have a steady hand. Also trying to figure out what my next lens should be…what do you think lens guru?

  2. Sarah said

    Macro maybe? I like my Tamron 90mm – good for portraits too. I think I am going to rent a wide angle for our trip to California…

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