September 21, 2010

As Mackenzie was coming in the house she said “Look what I found in the driveway!”…it was incredibly funny, but I think you had to be there.

I know, I know…I’m a slacker and have lots of photos to blog, but gahhhhh, I’m in a major 365 rut and it’s no fun to post lame, boring snapshots when I want to be posting creative, inspiring, beautifulĀ photographs.


5 Responses to “264/365”

  1. Jennifer said

    So funny! Did you keep it?

    • sarahxb said

      If it were up to her we would have…but I don’t think the neighbors would have appreciated that too much! I asked her how she would feel if someone kept our Sausage…she said she didn’t care! :/

  2. Lynn Tyrrell Ballard said

    As a viewer of your photos, I’ve never thought any of your photos were boring. I’ve thought they were all beautiful and inspiring.Whenever I look at them I want to go outside and snap some pictures and view things in a different way. Lynn Tyrrell

  3. Oma said

    Oh, that little voice in your head is getting louder!

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