October 2, 2010

Birch trees remind me of my childhood in NH. And my childhood in NH reminds me of Jim and Gram. I think about them everyday.  I don’t cry as hard, but somehow I cry deeper. I miss them. And I miss them differently.

I still don’t understand why Jim had to go so soon. I remember the physical ache in my heart when he died. It’s not as strong now, but I can still feel it. And I remember his last day vividly…until there was peace. Every day I realize his impact more than the day before…and I think he would have really liked my 365 project…he gave me my first version of photoshop and he instilled in me an appreciation for photography, I wish I would have started this photography journey earlier.

Gram.  I’m glad she didn’t have to suffer through the grief she denied any longer. And that she didn’t have to endure the pain of losing more of the core of the man that she married.  She and Jim are just making their new home more comfortable and will be welcoming Papa when his time comes.


5 Responses to “275/365”

  1. Granny Lolly said

    Perfectly said, and Jim would have LOVED (or does love?) your 365 project.

  2. Poppy said

    Well said Boo (can’t see the keyboard cause of the tears!).

  3. Sarah said

    Nice sentiments, plus a beautiful photo. Love the contrast of the smooth bokeh and the rough bark of the three.

  4. Bill said

    Awesome job, Sarah X. Summing up these emotions in words is very difficult, I think. You did wonderfully well here. It’s cathartic. Thank you.

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