December 22, 2010

My kind and thoughtful cousin, Connie, sent me an email shortly after my Papa died to share her sentiments of a man we both loved, and I’ve thought of her words often over the past few weeks. She shared: “he threw me high into the air and abandoned me to the wind”….and I have thought how true this statement is to me as well, both literally and figuratively. He was not a man who wore his emotions on his sleeve, but his actions spoke volumes; one of his huge bear hugs said more than a few words ever could. So many things remind me of Papa, and I am grateful for these memories because they make my heart swell with love, laughter and happiness. This year has reminded me what gifts I have been given in this life so far,  and my Papa was one of the most precious. I miss him, but I rejoice in the fact that he is back where he belongs…by the side of his truest love, my Gram. Thank you, dearest Papa, for throwing me into the air and abandoning me to the wind…and for never letting me doubt that you would be there to catch me.


3 Responses to “356/365”

  1. Allie Monahan said

    Wow, amazing words! Sarah, you’re so blessed to have such a wonderful family.

  2. Bill said

    What you’ve written in this blog in your tributes to Jim, Mom, and Dad, Sarah… they’ve brought on a flood of memories and emotions that have ironically made me realize with absolute assuredness that they will never die.

  3. Violet said

    Uncle Charles was a handsome, kind, gentleman. His love for his wife and family were an inspiration to me and my family. Throughout my life I never saw Connie without Charles, with the exception of time when he was fighting for our country and our freedom in Viet Nam. No, he never really talk to his extended family about his career. He was a humble man. He would answer questions, and I always asked. I was very proud that my uncle was a high ranking member in the Air Force. As years went by there were many other questions to ask. How do you deal with a family tragedy? He was always kind, honest and open with his answers. He taught me a lot. I became even closer to him and his wife when they moved up to the country. My mother and husband enjoyed having them for dinner. I enjoyed watching the sisterhood between Mom and Connie and the brotherhood between Robb and Charles. I’ll never forget his quiet love for both me and my husband, not to mention my mother and Robb’s. The last time Uncle Charles was in the country I sat with him on his porch and talked about our special times. We both found it hard to believe that we were the only two left of our fun little group. We did have so much fun together! He told me of his wish to be reunited with all of them, but esspecially Connie and Jim. He promised if he made it before me that he would give them my love. Thank you Uncle Charles for always thinking of me. I’m so happy that you got your wish. But I will always miss you and never forget the lessons of love you have taught me. If you were here I’d kiss you weather you liked it or not!

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